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"I would keep that in my home, even if it weren't for ashes."

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Memento Memorials would like to help you meet the needs of the growing under-served segment of the market that wants inspiration rather than commodification.

Once approved, the application at the left will allow you access to wholesale pricing and sign you up for our wholesale mailing list which will notify you of: product launches and availability, releases of one-of-a-kind/unique products, and special programs developed in-collaboration with and for funeral directors and distributors. 

Finder's Fees

Due to the made-to-order and semi-custom/full-custom nature of some of our products (as in, not mass-producible and therefore not wholesale), we provide finder's fees on said products to funeral professionals.  

We also offer custom design and fabrication with the same incentives.

In any case, please contact us with the form on this page in order to make arrangements.  We are happy to work directly with your customer or with you as an intermediary.

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