Earth and Sky Urn

Wholesale Only

  • choose your constellation or make up your own
  • made by hand – each one unique
  • made to order: 4 – 8 weeks fabrication
  • dome (sky) of dyed blue maple or walnut
  • base (earth) of cherry
  • ~4″ diameter, by ~6″ tall
  • ~18 cubic inches of volume

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The only part of the Earth and Sky Urn that isn't made by hand is the laser engraving of the stars in the constellation - but even that requires hand positioning in the engraving machine.  No two are the same.

There are, however, some constants.

Each base is made from cherry: about four inches tall and round.  The roughed rim around the opening is meant to evoke somewhere between rocky horizon and/or tree-line.  This pattern is drawn on each base whilst on the wood lathe and is guided by muse and the moment.  The waste is cut away with a coping saw and then the edge is distressed to contrast with the smooth sides.  The vessel is cut off the lathe at an angle so the piece sits slightly askew.

The sky domes allow for material choice of dyed blue maple or black walnut and your choice of constellation from our galaxy, one that is distant, or entirely made up.  The fit on these pressure fit sky domes is snug and there is not much to grip once in place.  So please be certain you won't want to get back into the vessel before you close it.


Additional information

Weight 4.75 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 5 in
Sky Material

Dyed Blue Maple, Walnut

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