Cremated Remains Transfer Kit


For those who endeavor to transfer cremated remains from a larger plastic bag into a smaller keepsake size cremation urn, we offer this small wooden scoop and additional plastic cremation bags as a convenience.  The scoop eliminates the awkwardness and risk of attempting to pour the remains.  For pendant and mini sized cremation keepsake urns, we recommend a clean sheet of white paper as a funnel and no cremation bag.  An additional set of hands and the accompanying emotional support is always helpful when transferring cremated remains of any quantity.

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The unfinished hardwood scoops are 3" in length.  Once the remains are transferred, the used scoop can be included in the urn, if there is room.  If there is not room, disposal in a ceremonial fire is an option.  Disposal by any other means is also acceptable as long as you are comfortable with it.

Plastic cremation bags are the industry standard and include a twisty tie.  Please indicate the number of bags to be included in your order.  Bags can be trimmed with sharp scissors to an appropriate height for the vessel being used.

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