Concentric Waves Glass Wood Urn

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Glass and wood come together to create an unusual, large urn that is more than a receptacle for ashes.  This is a work of art meant for display in the home.  The glass urn body glows like the surface of the moon and the lid’s concentric rings of alternating rough and smooth texture waves that are pleasure to touch.

For up to 360 cubic inches of cremated remains.

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This is an extremely large urn able to house 360 cubic inches of cremated remains - just under 15" high and 10" in diameter.  220 cubic inches of volume is the standard most human urns are built to.  This was developed as a prototype for a product line.  When this one sells, we will make more - just a little bit smaller 🙂  This one will not fit in a standard columbarium and is intended for display at home as part of an art collection.

Blowing glass at this size is a minimum two person operation.  Not just any persons but people who know what they are doing with hot glass.  There are variations in wall thickness and shape, bubbles and character from the process that makes art glass so valuable.  The piece is blown clear but has been sandblasted and coated with encaustic wax to create a surface that reminds us of the glowing moon.  Cremated remains come in a sealed plastic bag.  The bag could be placed in the urn or opened and deposited directly into the urn.  A bit more visceral display would result in the latter, but we are interested in the conversation this piece brings to the table about our Western culture's relationship with death and remembrance.  Maybe you are too?

The wood is solid cedar that is turned to create a custom fit to the glass vessel.  The flange is lined with cork to create a seal between the materials.  The outside is distressed to remove the softer part of the growth rings, revealing only the hard parts of the material - much like the process of cremation itself.  This surface is then worked back into to create the concentric waves that alternate smooth and rough.  At the very top there is a small hollow that can be used as an area for small offering or displaying trinkets in remembrance. A secret compartment is hollowed into the inside of the lid allowing for storage of meaningful items from the deceased's life.  The entire surface of the wood is finished with linseed oil.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 15 in