Black Leather Obelisk Urn


Black Leather Obelisk Urn is suitable final hardware for a biker, hard rocker, punk or metalhead.  Made to order using principles of furniture construction.

Pay a 50% deposit per item
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The internal structure will be composed of a high-quality sheet goods armature/structure for longevity and stability.  Exterior panels will also be made of the same ply-based material and will be upholstered with black leather.  These outer panels will be affixed from within the inner chamber with stainless steel fasteners.  No plywood edges will be visible on either the interior, exterior, or closure area of the urn.

The small pyramid at the top of the urn will also be attached from the interior and also be upholstered in the same black leather.


The cremated remains chamber will be accessible from a recessed panel that has a wood closure with a wood flange and screws for extra security.  Exposed wood in the closure area will be milk painted black and waxed but will not be visible when the urn is standing in the upright position


4 conchos can be selected by the customer from this website:
... or from any other purveyor as long as their price does not exceed $5 a piece.  Conchos of greater value may be obtained by the customer and sent directly to Memento Memorials for use but they must have a method for attaching to the exterior panels.

Silver furniture/upholstery tacks will be sourced to as closely match the illustration above at approximately .5" in diameter.


Outright purchase or deposit is an agreement to the project as described on this page and the 12-week timeline begins at the outset of such transaction.  The process will be documented and shared with the purchaser via this page, email, and/or on social media.

Completed project photos will be emailed to the purchaser.  Once the balance has been paid in full, the project will ship fully insured.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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