Big Lebowski Urn Prop Replica #010 Bowling Ball Base


  • movie prop replica from The Big Lebowski
  • plus urn display stand fabricated from an orange bowling ball like Donny’s

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The largest coffee cans will house only approximately 185 cubic inches of volume.  This may make it unsuitable for whole cremated remains unless the deceased weighed less than 185 pounds in life.

Late 20th-century vintage Folgers coffee tins sourced from an online auction with a very difficult-to-find blue lid from a Maxwell House brand.  This can and lid have good structural integrity but show signs of age and prior use such as small amounts of rust and scuff marks.  Both have been cleaned from their previous lives of drudgery to serve as a prop replica for display or as a functioning urn for cremated remains.

Note that this is NOT the "For All Coffee Makers" used in the film but is accepted as a reasonable facsimile for these purposes as "Automatic Drip". 


010 has the privilege of resting on a display that was fabricated from an orange bowling ball like Donny Kerabatsos'.

Note that we would love to offer these at a 'sap-free' $80 or less but the cans are becoming more expensive to source and the bowling ball fabrication takes a significant amount of time and eats through tooling.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 14 in


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