Meta Cremation Urns


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The Meta Cremation Urn is designed and built in Cleveland, Ohio to be substantial in weight and appearance while being within the means of the average consumer.  This combination of contemporary style and warmth in materials invites hands as well as looks.  These tactile experiences are the kind of change consumers are asking for and deserve from the death care industry.

Standard models in Poplar and other domestically available hardwoods are kept in stock in numbers to keep up with demand but we will also be presenting versions that included grain book-matched pairs for couples, live edge series in full and keepsake sizes, and other unusual special offerings as they become available.

Our Cremation Urn Presentation Bags

By partnering with Simple Ecology, we provide a way for the living to reduce their impact on the environment in three ways

  • a polyester (petroleum byproduct) bag that would otherwise not be useful does not enter a landfill
  • at-grocery use of plastic bags for loose produce is reduced
  • increased awareness of plastic bag alternatives that are affordable and have the tare weight printed on the label

This decision was backed by the same rationale that the living have for eating a meal after a funeral: the living go on - as weird as that sometimes feels when you are among them.  The living will go to the grocery and can contribute to the well being of our species.

We use electricity, power tools, and other industrial processes in the manufacture of our urns, but we do our best to make as little impact as possible when possible.

Meta Cremation Urn Production Shots

Owner, Artist, Designer, Craftsman Chris Harvan

Thank you for considering our Meta Cremation Urns.

Memento Memorials was started in order to bring truly unique offerings to families who were in search of remembrance objects that are nice to touch and crafted with heart.  Production lines and partnering with funeral homes who recognize this same need allows us to reach more families than our previous model of custom projects.

Our cremation urns are available only through our retail partners.  Funeral professionals understand and deal with the overwhelming emotions and cultural rituals that can help you navigate grief.  We encourage you to rely on their expertise.  If they do not carry our products, please share this page or have them get in touch with us here