45% Off In Stock Cremation Urns

Yours for Filling Out A Quick Survey

We make truly unique cremation urns and believe that consumers want access to well crafted, contemporary designed, American-made remembrance artwork.  Funeral directors aren't so sure.  We expect that the results of this survey may help convince some of them and therefore help you, our end user, gain access to more inspired options in your time of need.

By filling out this survey, you can choose to be emailed a personalized coupon code for 45% off any of our in-stock cremation urns as a thank you for your efforts. Your time and honest answers are appreciated.  Your identity will remain completely anonymous to the industry.  Only Memento Memorials will have access to your name and contact information and only non-identity related information will be made public.

Cremation Urn Survey

45% Off In Stock Cremation Urns

In order for us to provide you a discount code, you will have to share an email address. This address will not be used for other marketing purposes unless you give us in-form permission to do so. All required questions must be filled out and the form must be submitted for us to receive your answers and provide you your discount. Thank you.





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