Cradle Urn

  • “Domes” are hand spun from aluminum or copper.  Finish options range from patinas, durable industrial paints, hand-painted, and custom art enameling.
  • Wood ‘bases’ are turned and finished by hand and can be paired with any ‘dome’ material or finish.
  • Cast concrete ‘bases’ come in “white” and must be paired with a copper or powder-coated ‘dome’.  The concrete and copper option can be used as an outdoor urn when instructions are followed with the included caulk.
  • A companion ‘mounting’ option is available in wood that looks astounding on a mantle or shelf.
  • Material and trim options provide limitless custom variability but we will be offering base models for consumers directly and wholesale orders.  We are currently developing a method for funeral directors to offer customization to their customers while meeting their immediate needs for placing cremains.

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