Chris and Shelley Harvan have taken their time navigating the death care industry waters to try to build something sustainable that is more than a business: a way to nourish human need and hopefully ease even the smallest bit of anguish in times of loss.

We think everyone deserves something real and made by hand in those times. The mission is to make this reasonably priced while offering truly unique and amazing works of art.

We met while getting BFAs in Drawing at The Cleveland Institute of Art and married years after graduation.  Memento Memorials is our collaboration.

Throughout the years, we have seen the passing of friends and family and have always been disappointed in the products for keeping memories of the deceased close at hand.  As a result, we have taken pencil to paper and tools to wood in order to create personal memorials for those left behind.

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We got married in a cemetery. We were not goth kids.

Wade Chapel in Lakeview Cemetery has a stunning Tiffany mosaic. The left side is known as “The River of Life”. On the right, “The River of Death”. Our experiences had taught us that we travel them simultaneously.

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