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cradle cremation urn

art inspires, even amidst grief see product line

Remembrance Deserves More

"More" what???
Remembrance Crafted With Heart


Care not just for the quality of build, but for how the user interacts physically and emotionally.
Remembrance That Creates Experience


Value that arises out of visceral response to what an object is and what the viewer experiences.
Thoughtfully Designed Remembrance


Appropriateness in function and aesthetic while potentially challenging accepted standards.


Product Lines

Wholesale catalog of items available to industry professionals
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One Of A Kind

One-of-a-kind, limited run works of art available immediately or by commission.
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In The Studio

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Interwoven Branches

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We make stuff with our hands.  Seems normal to us.  We're told people like to see such activites.  We'd be happy to send you images of projects as they happen and occassional Memento news.

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