Remembrance Crafted With Heart


Care not just for the quality of build, but for how the user interacts physically and emotionally.

Remembrance That Creates Experience


Value that arises out of visceral response to what an object is and what the user experiences.

Thoughtfully Designed Remembrance


Appropriateness in function and aesthetics while potentially challenging accepted standards.

Recent Project

Melody was a friend - not a close friend, but close enough that her departure from this world in her early thirties is still difficult to process.  Getting to be the provider for her cremation urn was an honor and allowed her family a truly unique way to remember her and keep her close.

The design of this urn involves a combination of techniques and processes that are experimental and time consuming.  While we will be making more of them, they will be in limited production.

In The Studio

Retail sales require contact information of cremation provider for Memento to issue finder's fees Dismiss

Product Release Notifications

Notification of unique, one-of-a-kind, hand-made, wholesale-only cremation urns becoming available - sometimes before they hit our website.

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