Remembrance That Creates Experience


Value that arises out of visceral response to what an object is and what the user experiences.

Thoughtfully Designed Remembrance


Appropriateness in function and aesthetics while potentially challenging accepted standards.

Remembrance Crafted With Heart


Care not just for the quality of build, but for how the user interacts physically and emotionally.

Don Juan Loved Tents

Art, Design, and Craft elevate objects of remembrance into experiences for your hands, heart, mind, and spirit.

When we're: creating custom solutions like the medieval tent urn for a cat, imagining savvy details for a funeral service, dreaming up nature-friendly tombstone designs, developing our cremation urn production lines: all benefit from thoughtfulness, ethnographic awareness, creativity, sensitivity to materials, and a commitment to quality.

Remembrance deserves ART, DESIGN, and CRAFT.

Memento Cleveland Local Cremation UrnTestimonial

....I just wanted to thank you for reaching back out to me. It truly means a lot. In addition, I want to thank you SO much for going out of your way to assist me when notified. I've been called articulate in the past, but your kindness and willingness to help in my time of need has left me at a loss for words. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! If there's ever anything I can do to assist you, please do not refrain from asking...

Customer Care – Black Leather Rock Obelisk Urn

Thank you for your craftsmanship and your wonderful customer care!

Retail sales require contact information of cremation provider for Memento to issue finder's fees Dismiss

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